The art of writing and cold feet

How many times in the course of a piece of writing do you say to yourself, “This is a piece of garbage.” It happens to me every time at about the 50% mark and stays with me to the end when I stash it in memory and on my wip thumb drive to rot for a couple of months. Invariably I return to read the piece and determine it is worthy of the work of editing. 

There are many ways we get cold feet as writers.  We don’t let others see it because we fear their opinion.  Or, we don’t submit because we fear rejections.  My first novel had 46 rejections in the 80’s. I stashed it for 30 years and self published it. It’s my best seller.

Even with cold feet you can succeed. Indie or traditional, all ya gotta do is try.

Go write. Try it, you will like it.



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