Yesterday I wrote 7,255 words. Somehow that number is what I have been taught to hold near and dear to my heart. According to the gurus of writing its all about word count. Hooey!  Just a bunch of hooey.

1. What matters is writing.
2. Words on paper.
3. My personal satisfaction.
4. Your personal satisfaction.
5. Hopefully,  some editor or agent will be satisfied with them.
6. But, its all about the writer, butt in chair, fingers flexing, thoughts change to words that flow on the page as smoothly as a silk sheet accepts my body.

In reality I wrote well over 10,000 words yesterday,  but almost 3,000 of them did not satisfy and ended in word bucket at the end of the erase key. 30% trash.

I am satisfied.

Quit playing with your gum and write. Who cares what is in the word bucket!


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