I just spent 12 hours going thru my wip using the find key and eliminating as many of the times I used the word HAD as I could. The wip is first person past tense and I put in lots of HADs to emphasize the past tense of the story.  I put 14 on one page. 90% are gone.

What word do you over use?

Go check.

time, how valuable

You can see from the dates of my posts that it’s been a long time since my last post.

A word to the wise/one would surmise/would be sufficient/it isn’t.

Time is so important. As I grow older I realize that time is the most important of all temporal things. Time to love. Time to spend with those I love. Doing things I enjoy. I enjoy writing, but love my kids and grands more. My wife tops the list.

I’d really like to write long posts, but it just isn’t in me, yet. My tenth ad eleventh books are finished. They just need covers and final formatting for the various venues. Now, my son is more important. He has a new life ahead of him and I will do all to let him have a fair chance at success.

Be blessed and write.