Dear Reader,

I write this with hope in my pea picking brain. My website is getting close to complete thanks to Demond Davis, Esq. Dee, as he prefers to be called, has learned as he earned and built a fine website.

All 12 of my books should be there, but that varies from day to day as Dee moves things for better presentation.

I am searching for the ultimate in sales methods. I have half heartedly tried quite a few sites for free books only to be thwarted by Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited and select rules. I would love to go strictly with Smashwords, but the market isn’t there and i cannot figure how to make a bigger splash with my author page which even I have a hard time finding.

What are your findings on marketing? How have you used various sites to get the word out and have special sales?

One last thing, no matter what, keep writing.