Tome for work, or maybe that should be tomb.

How you doing on camp nano? 31 days to write to your own stated goal. I think I will fail to win this year with a goal of only 10,000 words. Got to 6,500 and life got in the way. Vacation with daughter and family. Followed it up with a four day return trip thru places unknown.  3 days at home and off to Colorado for a week in the Rockies. Leadville here we come dragging our trailer behind. At our age roughing it is a very small bathroom with flush toilet.

BUT, I treat every stop and sign a research point for an upcoming book. In Missouri we saw tigers, lions, and a grizzly bear close up and personal. I have a much healthier respect for the size of all. My accountant says I can deduct much of the travel if I’m ready to show where I have or intend to use the knowledge gained.  Sounds good to me.



How do you apply what you see on trips and such in your writing or other profession?

Now go write.