Nano is just around the corner. Next Sunday the month of November begins as does Nano. 50,000 words in 30 days. 1667 words a day. That’s like 6.2 pages double spaced each day. For you ladies, that’s not even a good love letter. For the men, it’s not even a fair length for a fish story, or as us sailors are want to say, a sea story.

My mind has been plotting THE DEACON for two months now and i am ready to write. The opening is written at 8061 words and when i add the 50k words it will be a fair sized book ready to edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite and then format for followed by Kindle. Smashwords will also get a set up and the sales will begin and i will be RICH beyond my wildest dreams, which is my wildest dream.

So, don’t just sit there. WRITE. starting at 0001, next Sunday, and don’t quit until the coffee runs out except to change the CD in the player. Ah, yes, Beethoven and Handel. It always amazes me how much i can write during the Hallelujah Chorus or the 5th. Not booze, symphony.

First one to 50k is done, as long as it’s before 2400 30 November 2015.

Be blessed.

PS: Daylight savings time ends when Nano begins for all you whose legislatures think they can cut some off one end and add it to the other and have a longer summer.

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