MERRY CHRISTMAS and that’s I’m gonna say about that.

Snow again last night. Ain’t supposed to happen in sunny Arizona.  It does open some possibilities in the plotlines of a story or two.

Be blessed and keep writing.

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Westerns, not so old westerns,  today’s alternate history, and Christian studies. I recommend GENTLE REBELLION for anyone and the 8 year olds on up. My grandson loved it. BLOOD ON THE ZUNI is a hard riding western.  Enjoy.



A new book will be out by February 1. THE DEACON is my Nanowrimo book for 2015 and is currently wiyh the beta readers after I did a fairly heavy rewrite. Because I am considering a series based on the main character I am thinking about having it on kdp for free the first month. Look for preorder opportunity by January 10. I will post on this blog when it is up.

Be blessed and MERRY CHRISTMAS.


Once we get beyond the first draft stage of any writing the drudgery begins. The fun of creating ends and the second guessing begins. The obvious errors must be corrected and then the flow and story line must be completed.  All the guns on the mantle, hints, and undisclosed components must smoothly blend with the casual comments and flow of information.

I usually build a time line with who’s where,  what’s happening, and particularly the why included. In doing this all the faults seem to pop right out at me.

WITH ALL THAT SAID I am looking for 3 beta readers for my latest book THE DEACON which you may have followed here.  It is a western and has an overtly
Christian MC like  Paladin. I will send a doc file for comments, suggestions,  and corrections.  You will receive an autographed first printing and my thanks. I will also reciprocate with you if you have a book needing beta testing.

Contact me at

Thank you and be blessed.

Looking for a Voice?

After you have published your book, the next step is Audio. is the place to go. It isn’t the easiest site to navigate, but that’s the place to get your books recorded and place them in Audible’s vast library.

The procedure is simple once you navigate through the site.

The biggest problem is finding a voice to do your recording if you do not want do record it yourself. It is possible to record your own voice and use that for the final product and I would recommend that route if you have a good voice, can do different voices for your characters, and have 50 or so hours to do the job. Some special equipment is also recommended and may even be required depending on what you already have.

You can contract a voice for your book on ACX. There are two possible contracts. The first is you pay by the length of the book. This can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the frills and the reputation of the voice. The second way is to split the revenue from audio book sales. It’s a straight 50/50 split on the Audible sales. Unless you are a good selling author with a great volume of ebook and/or paperback sales there are not too many who will join you in the effort.

The nice thing is you approve every chapter before final print. You will audition the voice. Both of these are part of the process.

One word of caution here, if you use ACX and Audible you tie up your book for digital audio format for 7 years with Audible.

A voice I will recommend without reservation is Charles (Charlie) Baker at To contact him directly at He has done two of my books and I am extremely happy with the result.

Nanowrimo is over and won

How’d you do on Nanowrimo? Did ya win? Actually, I believe that just trying is a win for most of us. My first try at Nano, I won. In July I did Camp Nano and couldn’t make my 10,000 word goal for anything. Why? Just because the world was revolving around the sun and nothing worked in my head.

Some would call it writer’s block. But, I was not blocked. There were all kinds of ideas in my head but none of them went anywhere. Not even onto the paper. There was also the problem of the world and life getting in the way.

So, now it’s done. What next? Do you let your story stew in a thumb drive or drawer for period of time before looking at it again to maybe, just maybe edit and rewrite?

Be blessed the Christmas season.