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As most of you know, I wrote my Nanowrimo book, THE DEACON working title, on this blog and the one at my website It was great fun and I was blessed with many choice and wonderful ideas for corrections and plot. One suggestion even led me to the twist at the end. In thanks to all of you and any others that would like to see some of my work, if you sign up for my monthly newsletter I will send you, absolutely free, one of my short stories, THE BURT BOBB INQUEST.

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The story will go out in that newsletter on Friday, 5 February 2016.

In other news,

  1. I have not yet conquered website design using WordPress, but I am able to do much that I wanted to do to make for a better site.
  2. Two new books will be posted in the next few days.
  3. DEACON will get a release date in the next couple of weeks.
  4. DEATH BY BASEBALL is in its final stages. My co-author will be proofing my writing in a few weeks after the Alpha readers get through with it.
  5. If you would like to be a beta reader for any of my books, let me know.
  6. I am also looking for one more Alpha reader that likes to read westerns and/or adventure books.

As always, keep writing. Be Blessed.

I can be reached at


Today, a major WIN. I have actually gotten into my website and made a beginning on updating it. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Are you struggling to finish a work in progress? Does the ending baffle the living daylights out of you? Yup, me, too.

The only way to finish is butt in chair and work those fingers for the time it takes to add one word, then two, and away we go. Maybe time is the problem. A small device with keyboard or voice-to-text or a backpack full of laptop going with you everywhere could be the answer. Every time you get stuck in traffic, a service line, a doctor’s office waiting room, at the curb waiting for the kids, sitting in a chair while you child does their dance class, and on and on. You get the idea. WRITE, don’t just vegetate.


  1. Follow the above. Butt in seat and write.
  2. Challenge yourself each morning, in writing, to add a certain number of words.
  3. Read a favorite author for ten minutes before you try to write, tell yourself, “I can do as well as he/she does,” and do it.
  4. Bribe yourself. “I will get 500 words down and then I will get a Coke, or Chocolate, or a ten minute walk with the dog, whatever floats your boat as a favorite reward

Whatever you do, go write or write as you go. I would love to get my wife writing. She could write while I drive and it would distract her from the right seat driving she does.

Be Blessed.


Me and Him

Woke up this morning feeling very spry.
Asked the Lord to tell me why.

Got done with a mess of scut work yesterday. Don’t ya just hate that stuff. Got to writing on my 1080’s historical baseball murder mystery and whacked out 3,200 words pretty good story.  Funny thing is that the book almost writes itself. Characters keep taking charge and my muse fills in the rest.

When you get distracted from writing or any task, how do you handle it? Have you tried making a list of all the other projects or things that need to be done and taking the time off of the fun to get the drudgery done.

Or, do you sit stupified until you realize all things in you life are tied together and you alone control the knot.

In my advancing years I find I must keep a list of the tasks necessary for my daily existence to continue.  Each day I try, TRY, to get them done. BUT, if I don’t schedule them into my day, they are still there the next day along with the next day’s chores. If I do that long enough I am buried and usually hungry cuz shopping was on one of those daily lists.

Be blessed. Go write, right after you catch up. Ketchup – need that from the store. On the list.

Monday Morning

First Monday of the new year. Five AM.

New book ‘DEACON’ is not going to make my February 1 launch date. In doing the final draft corrections last night, I realized there was a major plot flaw in the next to the last scene. Beta readers hadn’t caught it. My first thought was ‘Be lazy. They didn’t find it, no one else will.’ But I did find it. If I can, others can. So, I am rewriting that scene completely. I will not cheat my readers.

I got volunteered to help a friend move today so nothing much is going to get done until late, and even then I will probably be whipped like topping on a pumpkin pie.

Be blessed and write.

New Year New Effort

How long have you been writing with hopes of publishing and selling?  My goals for this week are set up to get me off top dead center with nothing happening.  The MERRY go round is not MERRY if it is stuck someplace. 

I will read at least 102 pages of information on improving sales, sale-ability, and gaining email connection with my oh so few readers.

I am told you cannot sell books without email friends. How does one go about gaining email friends who like my writing?  Beats the daylights outta me. BUT, I will be trying.

Perhaps we can get Amazon to offer each buyer the opportunity to sign up.  Simple, huh?

Be blessed with great writings and lots of email friends. If you’d like to help email me at just use SIGN ME UP in the subject line.  I will not share. And, I have a short story for you FREE.