Slowing Down

This past two years have seen a slow diwn in my productivity due to many causes. One, another couple of birthdays. Two, one fouled up book file that burned me royally. Three, I got lazy.  Four, too many ends on too many candles lit on too many ends. 

So, I gave up on birthdays.  Finished, never to be seen again, the bad book file. Took a hand full of vitamins. Blew out some candles.  Put my buttocks in the chair.  And, now my problem is three new books stared, one rattling around in my head,  and two that exist only on 3 X 5 cards.

Trying to make my computer take dictation.  

Keep writing.

Oh yeah, I now have two jobs.


Old friends murdered. Square miles destroyed by fire. Not a great environment for happy times.  And then I sit and write using the news as options for conflict in my story. Am I provoking violence by writing it or am I showing a violent world the possibilities or can I use my writing to stop  the violence? STOP OR I’LL KILL YA. Won’t work, I’m thinking. 


I am still amazed at the sales of some books on Amazon. Talking with the authors doesn’t help a whole lot. One told me a friend had plugged his book on his daily blog and bingo! 500 copies sold in the nest twelve hours. Then there was a friend of mine that advertised on his facebook with daily posts just under his name, about where he was and when he expected to hit the streets with the book. Number 156 on Amazon for three days and still in the top 1000 after 6 weeks.

The best way to advertise is just advertise everywhere you can. If you’re in a genre that is popular like dude ranch half naked cowboy romances you really have a problem cuz there’s a bazillion of them out there. Yours has to be better than the better ones. If there is little competition, like occult, exotic, romance, westerns; you just might have a better chance. I am seriously thinking of creating my own genre, Dragon riding two headed cowboys in the 15th century Acturesus galaxy where two headed cowboys ride dragons to maintain herds of dofterus, a flying, meaty delicacy for the Zodangos of Fauxtix. But, some smarty pants would start an argument with me that this has already been done and it was a waste.


Go write, create your own advertising everywhere you can.

Be blessed with lots of words, doug.


Both eyes done now. New prescription next Monday. Current glasses driving me nuts. they don’t work, but I still need them.

County fair was a huge, HUGE, success. Sold over 90 books. Gave away 6 on daily drawings and one to an interested youngster.

Just trashed 30k words on the new DEACON book. Don’t worry, I’ll use most of it in the long run. Maybe even in two books. DEATH BY BASEBALL is not doing too well, although it has sold well, there are no reviews on Amazon. That hurts sales. If you buy a book, review it on Amazon, good, bad or indifferent, it matters.

Doing a bunch of hiking before I get to feeble to handle it. Trying to finish the 800+ miles of the Arizona Trail. I have done 550 miles and looking at another 52 miles next week. Wanna come along. Hot, dry, and rugged.

Doing NaNoWriMo this year with a sequel to my STATE OF series. Working title is STATE OF CONFUSION. The capital is in my man cave. Should be fun.

Okay, I’m done for today. God bless and have a great time writing.

Don’t forget to vote next month.



Monday last I had the cataract in my left eye taken care of. I can see and could see better as soon as the dilation wet away. Don’t wait. Deal with it. Next week the county fair and book sales. The week after my right eye. Two weeks later the last 300 miles of the AZ trail. 

Go write.


No matter how hard you try some things just don’t work right. DEATH BY BASEBALL is a prime example of that. As I was finishing this book, many word changes needed to be made so this dummy used FIND AND REPLACE. Caution – DON’T EVER DO THAT. I replaced UMP with ARBITRATOR. Do you know what an scrarbitratortious is? That’s what you get when you replace ump with arbitrator in the word scrumptious. How about parbitratoring. Try pumping. I’m sure you get the drift.

Then there is a quirk in WORD that doesn’t save a file in all one file. When you look at the listing for your saved file you will find not only the main file DEATH BY BASEBALL.docx or doc, and WRL under ~s files. Now any reasonable person would assume those were temporary files that didn’t apply much to the work at hand in the main file. BUT, never delete those. If you do the worms fight their way to the top and your docx file will no longer be what you imagined it would be.

Not being a professional programmer or a WORD guru, I am not sure how those files relate to the docx or doc file, BUT they will destroy all your refining of the main file if you delete them.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. VOTE.

Now go write or something productive.

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