It surely does feel great when you been out in the woods sleeping on the ground to come home and sleep in your own bed.

Covered 31 miles of the Arizona Trail this past three days. Feeling better than I have ever felt after three days of hiking. My ten miles a day average is about where I belong. One of my sons and his daughter might cover that much ground running in less than a day’s worth of sunlight and be ready for more, but I am a bit older and would not try more than 15 miles in a day at this point. Come September that might happen though.BookFest Ad 061016

I will be attending the above festival will all my books. I will be more than happy to autograph any and all books purchased.

My book DEATH BY BASEBALL will, hopefully, be ready for the festival, as will my co-author John Tenney’s book BASEBALL IN TERRITORIAL ARIZONA, a history 1863-1912. His book is an outstanding and sought after book on today’s sports market. I will have ten autographed copies on sale during the festival.

This festival is where the rubber meets the road for my writing. There will be a bazillion other authors, famous and not so famous, and an agent or two, publishers, and folks that just like to read.

If you make it, stop by and say, ‘howdy,’ so I can put a face to the name.

Be blessed and keep writing.




Have you ever sat before your writing station and said, “What am I doing here?” That’s where I am today.

I’d really rather be fishing or sailing. But, there isn’t much sailing in Arizona. Went fishing three times already this year and still have fish in the freezer.

Here I am 73 years old and healthy, writing westerns when I don’t own a horse any more, talking of wild adventure, and bored to tears on many days. All of this outlines the symptoms. I need the woods. So, next Sunday after Church I will head north and west, actually west first and then north, to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon area to a little town called Jacob Lake. There is will park my butt in a campsite and spend three or four days hiking the Arizona Trail. When that 30 miles or so is completed I will have all my mental files in the right box, my body sufficiently tired to slow me down, and the Arizona Trail complete from US 60 at Superior all the way north to Utah (500+ miles). Then there is the challenge of the 280 miles remaining in the south of Arizona where trailheads are far and few between, water is scarce, and the heat will kill ya. Oh, well, it’s all an adventure.

But, for today, I will write on my #2 DEACON book, wait for my wife to finish here approval perusal of DEATH BY BASEBALL (can’t publish without her approval), and contemplate my naval (as a sailor that’s an easy thing to do).

Be Blessed and go write, quit reading this trash.



As I said previously, the files for DEATH BY BASEBALL got switcharooed somehow and I went back to the rough draft stage. Well, I am sick of this book.

Do you ever get that way, sick of the book you put many hours and days into? I do. I get sick of every single book I write. Long about in the middle of the book I think it’s trash and it’s time to trash the whole thing. Right after I write the closing scene and step back, I say how trite it is. Time to junk it. The thing sits in my computer’s memory for at least a month before I can look at it again. By that time, I get to reading and sit back in awe at the manuscript I produced. It surely is not a Hemingway, but then I don’t like Hemingway – except for OLD MAN AND THE SEA.

Now my Beta readers are putting their hearts into the manuscript again. I am on my fourth read in two weeks. The story is dumb. The cover sucks. The ending is too obvious. The middle is boring.

So, yesterday I got down one of my favorite books full of short stories. I have just read this book a dozen times and once was three weeks ago. Guess what? The stories were dumb. The cover sucks. The endings are to obvious. The middle of these short stories are boring.


Go write.



Got seriously miffed at myself this morning. I looked at my writing log and found that i haven’t written anything of substance in the past 9 days. And, mighty little since the middle of April. Therefore, I am getting on my butt in the chair and writing here and then to my newest book length effort.

The past month has just been one stupid action after another on my part. Trying to finish up DEATH BY BASEBALL, (It’s already getting serious positive comments) I found that I, little ole me, had sent in the wrong file to the publishers. Turns out the beta readers efforts are in the toilet (the bit bucket where all erased files go), all the hours of upgrading the master file are in the arena of wasted time, and my head is spinning with doing it all over again. I am at the point that I hate the book with a serious passion. But, I get there on all of the books I write.

So, all fingers on the board, mind focused on THE DEACON II  and away I go.


You better get writing, too.



Sometimes it just seems ya need a break. I find it necessary about every 60 to 90 days. 4 weeks ago I took a break and went hiking for three days. I’m still on that break. Longest break I’ve taken in years. Finished a manuscript and sent it to a couple of alpha readers. Waiting on them. Started another story and waiting on it. The voice in my head that leads me down the pages is on a break. I am sleeping like Rumple Stilsckin due to having the hacking, wheezing crud that’s going around. The dizzy spells are the worst part of it.

DEACON is out. You can get your copy at There are few reviews on Amazon, the comments I’m getting from the toughest critics I know:

Doug, it’s your best.

I really enjoyed it and want a sequel. (It’s coming)

This is better than >>>>>>>>’s newest book and it just wouldn’t let me go.

Back in the olden days they wrote great westerns, you have brought back the genre.

I could keep bragging, but my wife won’t let me. She wants the sequel.

Go write.



After the fixes and rewriting, The DEACON is on the market @ Take a peek, read the sample, and let me know what you think.

Working on the final edits, etc. on a book titled, MURDER BY BASEBALL. It is set in 1899 Territorial Arizona around the early Baseball Nines and a murder (well, duh, Captain Obvious to the rescue). Should be on the market within a month if my co-author gets the cover done soon. This book is being co-author Darren John Tenney or is it John Darren Tenney, author of BASEBALL IN ARIZONA TERRITORY, A History, 1863-1912. Great book. Try it, you’ll like it.

The hardest thing about writing is not talking about it and doing it. I look at many of the bloggers who talk of writing and never see their books on Amazon or Books In Print. My last entry was 2 March. The gap is filled with writing efforts. What fills your hours?

Writer’s block is cured by butt in chair and hands on keys, fingers going up and down. Write a letter to yourself to remember that. img_15908172601435.jpegMy Great Grandson reading m first book. Smart kid. Notice, he is almost finished.


I was totally amazed at the amount of rewrite I had to do to fix my ending problem (see last entry for details). I had to totally rewrite two pages and one paragraph to make it work. That was all.

Have you ever rewrite a chunk of your efforts? Did you find it simple or difficult?

I am learning that that with book length stories, unless it is a major thread, changing directions and results can be easily whipped with a word change hear and there. There is a lot of change to a story by the contents of just one or two scenes. Each scene drives itself to an ending and then another scene takes place allowing for new and better information of the reader with each scene. A change of one scene can change the entire story without a need to change the rest of the scenes except maybe the last one, the crescendo, the end.


Free Stuff

As most of you know, I wrote my Nanowrimo book, THE DEACON working title, on this blog and the one at my website It was great fun and I was blessed with many choice and wonderful ideas for corrections and plot. One suggestion even led me to the twist at the end. In thanks to all of you and any others that would like to see some of my work, if you sign up for my monthly newsletter I will send you, absolutely free, one of my short stories, THE BURT BOBB INQUEST.

Sign up with this link  SIGN ME UP, DOUG.

The story will go out in that newsletter on Friday, 5 February 2016.

In other news,

  1. I have not yet conquered website design using WordPress, but I am able to do much that I wanted to do to make for a better site.
  2. Two new books will be posted in the next few days.
  3. DEACON will get a release date in the next couple of weeks.
  4. DEATH BY BASEBALL is in its final stages. My co-author will be proofing my writing in a few weeks after the Alpha readers get through with it.
  5. If you would like to be a beta reader for any of my books, let me know.
  6. I am also looking for one more Alpha reader that likes to read westerns and/or adventure books.

As always, keep writing. Be Blessed.

I can be reached at