My wife said, “Why so pensive?”

I replied,
All it would take this day is for the President to say the wrong thing and this nation would break out in rebellion. I would hope peaceful, but still rebellion. Just imagine if the founding fathers came alive and met in a bar in Philly. What would they think? They missed one idea in the Constitution. That idea was that everyone in Government would disregard that glorious document at the same time and the people of America would be stuck with a terrible choice. I know what they would do. But, revolution would be a no holds barred, horror story covering the whole nation. Well, maybe not Alaska, and possibly Hawaii.

The Generals cannot rebel and form a junta. The President has carefully gleaned and anointed Generals that will do his bidding.

The troops will not rebel. They listen to the Generals. They love this country and want it to work.

Folks, it is time to stand on your own two feet and say, NO!!!!!!

I am totally surprised that our country is in the state it is in. Why is there no impeachment proceedings going on? Why are Hillary and the Bean Pole not in prison? Why is congress still the same people for the past 30 years? Why is THE DONALD running away with everything right now? Why does the House fund everything in front of it? Why does the Senate kiss the ring of the President?

Happy September 11. We have armed the Muslims that sent the terrorists 14 years ago. We have no become the greatest funder of terrorism on the face of the earth. WAKE UP AMERICA.