Another Day

Another day arrived after 3500 words yesterday,  I slept til 0715.

Another day reminds me of another story. I’m about 40% done with my current wip which is a sequel to my book GENTLE REBELLION.  When I finish it I will look for another story.  Where do you get your ideas?

I have been thinking about where I get mine. I get mine from all aspects of my life.
1. Books I read.
2. People watching.
3. Dreams.

Let me give an example that will be in a work that is aging in the closet. I was sitting alone in a restaurant waiting for my meal. They had put me in a section with families and that means younger kids.  One girl about 10 kept going to the bathroom after asking permission every time.  About the 13th time the mother asked if she was sick.  The girl responded, “No.”
   Mama ask why she had to go so often. The girl fessed up and admitted she hag been going to watch the lobsters in the tank by the hall to the ladies room.
    She the asked, “Do they eat those lobsters? ”
    Mama answered, “Yes.”
    The girl cried out, “Poor lobsters, ”
and buried her face in her napkin.

I think that will add interest in a scene,  how about you?

Now go write.