time, how valuable

You can see from the dates of my posts that it’s been a long time since my last post.

A word to the wise/one would surmise/would be sufficient/it isn’t.

Time is so important. As I grow older I realize that time is the most important of all temporal things. Time to love. Time to spend with those I love. Doing things I enjoy. I enjoy writing, but love my kids and grands more. My wife tops the list.

I’d really like to write long posts, but it just isn’t in me, yet. My tenth ad eleventh books are finished. They just need covers and final formatting for the various venues. Now, my son is more important. He has a new life ahead of him and I will do all to let him have a fair chance at success.

Be blessed and write.


Birthdays and beyond

My last post was on the 30th of December, my birthday. My 72 birthday. Many was the time when I was told I would never live to tell about it, whatever it was. Here I am through no special power of my own, but by the Grace of God. Some would say blind stupid luck and there was a time I would have agreed with them. But, God is not blind, nor is He stupid, and He surely does not need to rely on luck.

In my years I have done and been many things. How about you? Did you stay in a rut? Or, did you live life to the fullest walking with God even when you thought it was your idea and your luck?

Anyhow, God has given me much. I always wanted to be a cowboy with horses and cows. He gave me that. I always wanted to be a story teller, some would say I talk to much, God gave me that. The greatest thing in my life, except for God and loved ones, is the privilege of seeing my books in print, being purchased, and sitting on my bookshelf.

Why do you write? What is your greatest joy? Tell the world about it, write.

Frozen feet and the art of writing

The day after Christmas and all thru the house not a creature was stirring except me. The temperature is 9 on my front porch, the dogs romp with glee. My feet are both freezing, the thermometer says 8. I think that a foot rub would really be great. A sequel to write and a first draft to edit, can really pressure when there is no more credit.

Okay, dumb poetry is to be apologized for. My brain is in my cold feet I think.

I have a 16 year old protagonist who has just been dumped by his girl, almost. She hasn’t really made up her mind, women are like that. How should he react? Me, I just said bye and went fishing. He’s a bit more sensitive and she is a really serious part of his future in is mind.


Are you writing? If so, what?

Wanna welcome all the new folks. Howdy.