Amazon vs. Smashwords

Let’s get a discussion going.

What do you like best about Amazon?

What do you like least about Amazon?

What do you like best about Smashwords?

What do you like least about Smashwords?

What could be done to improve either or both of these organizations?

Comments please.

Be blessed and keep writing.wpid-four_times_armed_cover_for_kindle.jpg


Me and Him

Woke up this morning feeling very spry.
Asked the Lord to tell me why.

Got done with a mess of scut work yesterday. Don’t ya just hate that stuff. Got to writing on my 1080’s historical baseball murder mystery and whacked out 3,200 words pretty good story.  Funny thing is that the book almost writes itself. Characters keep taking charge and my muse fills in the rest.

When you get distracted from writing or any task, how do you handle it? Have you tried making a list of all the other projects or things that need to be done and taking the time off of the fun to get the drudgery done.

Or, do you sit stupified until you realize all things in you life are tied together and you alone control the knot.

In my advancing years I find I must keep a list of the tasks necessary for my daily existence to continue.  Each day I try, TRY, to get them done. BUT, if I don’t schedule them into my day, they are still there the next day along with the next day’s chores. If I do that long enough I am buried and usually hungry cuz shopping was on one of those daily lists.

Be blessed. Go write, right after you catch up. Ketchup – need that from the store. On the list.

Looking for a Voice?

After you have published your book, the next step is Audio. is the place to go. It isn’t the easiest site to navigate, but that’s the place to get your books recorded and place them in Audible’s vast library.

The procedure is simple once you navigate through the site.

The biggest problem is finding a voice to do your recording if you do not want do record it yourself. It is possible to record your own voice and use that for the final product and I would recommend that route if you have a good voice, can do different voices for your characters, and have 50 or so hours to do the job. Some special equipment is also recommended and may even be required depending on what you already have.

You can contract a voice for your book on ACX. There are two possible contracts. The first is you pay by the length of the book. This can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the frills and the reputation of the voice. The second way is to split the revenue from audio book sales. It’s a straight 50/50 split on the Audible sales. Unless you are a good selling author with a great volume of ebook and/or paperback sales there are not too many who will join you in the effort.

The nice thing is you approve every chapter before final print. You will audition the voice. Both of these are part of the process.

One word of caution here, if you use ACX and Audible you tie up your book for digital audio format for 7 years with Audible.

A voice I will recommend without reservation is Charles (Charlie) Baker at To contact him directly at He has done two of my books and I am extremely happy with the result.

Nanowrimo is over and won

How’d you do on Nanowrimo? Did ya win? Actually, I believe that just trying is a win for most of us. My first try at Nano, I won. In July I did Camp Nano and couldn’t make my 10,000 word goal for anything. Why? Just because the world was revolving around the sun and nothing worked in my head.

Some would call it writer’s block. But, I was not blocked. There were all kinds of ideas in my head but none of them went anywhere. Not even onto the paper. There was also the problem of the world and life getting in the way.

So, now it’s done. What next? Do you let your story stew in a thumb drive or drawer for period of time before looking at it again to maybe, just maybe edit and rewrite?

Be blessed the Christmas season.


That’s better than Christmas

I had a whole week with nothing scheduled except at trip to Flagstaff to visit my wife’s doctor. She went in and I read People magazine (Barf), the only thing available.

Went to the mall and people watched while my wife went shopping in Dillards. I filled five pages in my notebook of incidents and activities that went on around me. Gals dressed modestly to indecent went by. A Chinese couple were lost and could not communicate what their need was. Finally, a very authoritative woman came and took them away, speaking to them in fluent Chinese of some kind. The best was the sitting in the “Guys Spot,” the easy chairs mid mall, and the variety of their waiting techniques.

I wonder how much of the five pages I’ll be able to use in one of my future books?

Write on!

Lessons are not always obvious.

Writing not always easy. Editing is not always hard. 40 year lesson summed up in few words. The lessons of a lifetime not only teach us something, they give us the gray hairs of wisdom. I wish.

Just about the time I get a handle on life, it changes.

At the beginning of February I saw from my calendar that there was a lot of empty holes allowing hours and hours of writing and even edits. I romped into 3000 and even 6500 words a day and then screeeeeeeech. Two hundred words became the norm, all in the hour before bedtime. I had no idea how terrible my writing could be when I wrote half asleep from physical and mental exhaustion until I got the time to edit that writing this week.

Keep writing.


I have never played the resolutions game at the New Year. Have you? I am more likely to evaluate and from that evaluation set goals. My goals for this year are:

1. Greater emphasis on meeting goals on a week by week basis.

2. Learn all I can about marketing my writing and put that information into practice.

3. Write three more books and make five more into audiobooks.

4. Finish the improvements on my model railroad.

5. Hike another 50 miles on the Arizona Trail.

6. Read 30 books. 5 on writing and marketing.  25 for the joy of reading.

7. Read the ESV translation of the Bible all the way thru.

8. Meet my private goals as a priority.

Do you have goals? Would you share them and then hold me to mine as I hold you to yours?

Let’s get writing.

Another Day

Another day arrived after 3500 words yesterday,  I slept til 0715.

Another day reminds me of another story. I’m about 40% done with my current wip which is a sequel to my book GENTLE REBELLION.  When I finish it I will look for another story.  Where do you get your ideas?

I have been thinking about where I get mine. I get mine from all aspects of my life.
1. Books I read.
2. People watching.
3. Dreams.

Let me give an example that will be in a work that is aging in the closet. I was sitting alone in a restaurant waiting for my meal. They had put me in a section with families and that means younger kids.  One girl about 10 kept going to the bathroom after asking permission every time.  About the 13th time the mother asked if she was sick.  The girl responded, “No.”
   Mama ask why she had to go so often. The girl fessed up and admitted she hag been going to watch the lobsters in the tank by the hall to the ladies room.
    She the asked, “Do they eat those lobsters? ”
    Mama answered, “Yes.”
    The girl cried out, “Poor lobsters, ”
and buried her face in her napkin.

I think that will add interest in a scene,  how about you?

Now go write.

A New Year, So What????

The new year is just around the corner. I will figuratively throw out the old calendar and hang the new. I have never seen much sense in the hullabaloo over the new year coming around again. Nowadays its even more ridiculous. I will not be throwing out my calendar because I can’t afford a new phone. Me and Google got the calendar all set up years ago and it just keeps going on. Just like the gift of Christmas.

There is no sense in spending many hours reflecting on the past when it is gone, over, done with. We must set out minds on our goals for tomorrow and the next day should the Good Lord allow us to live through them. We’re not talking about resolutions here, we are talking about sincere goals we are going to fight for with every ounce of our strength and to the last breath. Realistic goals with just a hint of stretching what has been done before. We need to be like Star Trek in many ways, we need to go where we have not gone through the routes we have gone through and then beyond.

Wake up. Take two aspirin and soak it. Make your goals and then CHARGE!

I have set my goals for the next six months and they are:

  1. Finish audiobook on State of Defense (awaiting Audible’s approval for the past three weeks.
  2. Finish audiobook on State of Threat (at the narrator’s”
  3. Finish three more books (last chapter on one, finish the second which is at 25%, and one brand as yet thunk up)
  4. finish audiobook on Gentle Rebellion (have just received the equipment to narrate myownself)
  5. Review two of my old books for errors and repair files (I am reading them on my new Kindle and finding errors hear and there)
  6. Be faithful to my Lord and enjoy the 73rd year he has given me (He has been very good to me for 72 years as of tomorrow)

May you all be blessed in the coming days in ways beyond your wildest imaginings.


Frozen feet and the art of writing

The day after Christmas and all thru the house not a creature was stirring except me. The temperature is 9 on my front porch, the dogs romp with glee. My feet are both freezing, the thermometer says 8. I think that a foot rub would really be great. A sequel to write and a first draft to edit, can really pressure when there is no more credit.

Okay, dumb poetry is to be apologized for. My brain is in my cold feet I think.

I have a 16 year old protagonist who has just been dumped by his girl, almost. She hasn’t really made up her mind, women are like that. How should he react? Me, I just said bye and went fishing. He’s a bit more sensitive and she is a really serious part of his future in is mind.


Are you writing? If so, what?

Wanna welcome all the new folks. Howdy.